Air Scrubber Installation in Huntersville

Do you want the cleanest air possible for your Huntersville home? Then it’s time for you to consider how you can improve your indoor air quality.

We offer cutting-edge indoor air quality solutions in Huntersville, including air scrubber installation. At Roby Services, we have more than 70 years of experience helping homeowners care for their families. Our professionals are well-trained and experienced, and we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service.  

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Benefits of Installing an Air scrubber

There are several benefits to installing an air scrubber in your Huntersville home. They include:

  • Improved IAQ: An air scrubber is cutting-edge technology that helps eliminate airborne contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, and odors, from the air in your home.
  • Odor reduction: It also helps neutralize odors from cooking, pets, tobacco smoke, and other sources, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • Whole-home coverage: They’re designed to work with your existing HVAC system, providing whole-home coverage. They can treat the air in every room, reaching places that are difficult to clean with traditional air purifiers or filters.
  • Energy efficiency: They are efficient, which helps improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and potentially reduces energy costs.
  • Low maintenance: An air scrubber requires minimal maintenance. Our team can handle the maintenance for you, ensuring optimal performance.

Air scrubber Installation

Air ScrubberAt Roby Services, our experienced technicians are trained and equipped to provide professional installation services.

We will evaluate your home’s HVAC system, determine the optimal location for the air scrubber, and install it with precision so it works correctly the first time you use it.

With our expertise and dedication to high-quality results, you can trust us to deliver a seamless and efficient air scrubber installation process.

To schedule your air scrubber installation in Cornelius, call us at (980) 308-0200.

Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In addition to air scrubber installation, we offer a range of other IAQ solutions to help you achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Our services include air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and duct cleaning. These solutions can complement the air scrubber and further enhance the indoor air quality in your home.

Our team at Roby Services can provide personalized recommendations based on your IAQ needs.

Get cleaner air in your Waxhaw home with Roby Services. To schedule your air scrubber installation, call us at (980) 308-0200.

Why Choose Roby?

At Roby Services, we take pride in delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our skilled technicians are experienced, licensed, and trained to provide top-quality HVAC solutions, including air scrubber installation.

We are committed to your comfort and well-being, and our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive the best possible service from start to finish. With our reliable and professional services, you can trust us to provide the IAQ solutions your home deserves.

Keep the air in your home as clean as possible with IAQ services from Roby Services. Schedule your appointment by calling (980) 308-0200 today.


It’s designed to run continuously, providing ongoing air treatment in your home. For optimal results, allow it to operate 24/7.

While an air scrubber can help reduce airborne mold spores, it is not a substitute for professional mold remediation. If you suspect mold in your home, addressing the issue with proper mold remediation techniques is essential.

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