24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair in Charlotte, NC

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the emergency plumbers at Roby Services are always prepared to respond to your plumbing emergencies. From broken pipes to clogged toilets, we have the tools, expertise, and state-of-the-art solutions to restore your plumbing system. No problem is too big or too complex for our experts to resolve.

Day or night, holiday or weekend, the team at Roby Services has you covered. Call (980) 308-0200 to request emergency plumbing services in Huntersville, NC.

5 Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber

Some plumbing emergencies are obvious, while others are more subtle and often go unnoticed. If you detect any signs of the following problems, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our plumbers right away:

  • No hot water: Sediment buildup, leaky pipes, a failing heating element, clogged natural gas line, etc., can cause this.
  • Broken/leaky pipes: Low-water pressure, standing water, dripping water, discolored water, bulging pipes, bubbling sounds, and rising water bills can indicate leaky or broken pipes.
  • Frozen pipes: Don’t attempt to thaw a pipe on your own, as you could cause it to burst. Always call a plumber for help.
  • Clogged drains: Gurgling sounds, sewage backups, slow drainage, and noxious odors emanating from drains can indicate the presence of serious clogs.
  • Slab leaks: Decreased water pressure, rising water bills, mold or mildew on carpeting or flooring, the sound of running water, standing water, and cracks in flooring or drywall indicate potential slab leaks.
  • Sewer line damage: Damaged sewer lines can cause slow drainage or backups in sinks, tubs, and toilets, as well as gurgling sounds, noxious odors, and lush spots in the landscape.
  • Toilet troubles: Problems with your toilet can be a severe and messy issue. Let our professionals keep things flowing properly to avoid this problem.

Have you noticed signs of plumbing problems in your Matthews, NC, home? Reach out to Roby Services at (980) 308-0200 to schedule a service appointment.

What To Do While You Wait for Roby Services To Arrive

If you think your sewer line is backed up, don’t use your water while waiting for help.

If you have an overflow or a burst pipe, you should first turn off the water to the house, then open a faucet to let off any remaining water pressure. If you don’t know how to turn off the water to your house, let us know so we can show you how for future reference.

Next, you should get out your shop vacuum if you have one, or towels, mops, buckets, and whatever else will help you clean up the water. The longer you let it sit, the more likely you’ll experience mold growth and water damage.

Why Choose Roby Services?

Roby Services Electrician

Since 1950, the teams at Roby Services have proudly served the Charlotte, NC, community. We take pride in using our knowledge and expertise to enhance your comfort, improve the reliability, and preserve the safety of your plumbing systems.

When you choose us, you will always enjoy award-winning service. Take advantage of our financing options and specials. Trust Roby to get it all done by one.

Contact our emergency plumbers at (980) 308-0200 to request emergency plumbing services in Charlotte, NC.


Yes, a leaking water heater is an emergency that requires immediate attention. Not only can the leak cause extensive damage to flooring and walls, it can cause a complete water heater failure.

You should wrap a frozen pipe in an electric heating pad and open the faucet and any cabinets that the pipe runs behind. In extreme situations, you can also use a hair dryer or portable space heater, but be careful not to apply so much heat that you ignite a fire.

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