Smart Home Wiring in Charlotte, NC

Thermostat set to a cool room temperatureSmart home wiring is a smart investment that will improve your comfort, strengthen your security, and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Our smart home wiring specialists at Roby Services will help you take advantage of the control and convenience smart home devices offer.

From speakers to security systems, our team will install the wiring, electrical panels, and other elements required to support your smart home of the future effectively.

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Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a cost-effective investment that will give you significant control over your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. We offer a broad range of systems that can be connected via Wi-Fi. Smart thermostats make it easy to adjust the climate in your home from anywhere you have an internet connection.

This perk allows you to adjust system operation around weather forecasts, travel schedules, and work schedules. Moreover, smart thermostats reduce wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems, which helps reduce long-term repair and replacement costs.

These benefits reduce your overall energy usage and monthly utility bills considerably. You can often expect to trim as much as 10% off your annual heating and cooling costs. This makes it a wise investment that will reduce your carbon footprint and keep more money in your wallet year after year.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are becoming increasingly popular home features. They allow you to monitor energy usage, eliminate vampire drain, and remotely control your home’s appliances using voice commands or a remote control. Once installed, you’ll enjoy superior security, convenience, and energy savings.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you left the iron on, forgot to start the washing machine, or forgot to turn the lights off, smart outlets will allow you to do everything from your phone, tablet, or laptop without making a trip home.

Our licensed and insured electricians can install a wide selection of top-quality smart outlets from leading manufacturers. We can install them in your office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., and show you how to optimize performance.

Our smart home experts will ensure your systems are properly connected to your router or hub, and we’ll discuss options for maintenance, updates, and other details specific to your outlets.

Call Roby Services at (980) 308-0200 to book smart outlet services in Charlotte.

Smart Doorbell Wiring

Smart doorbells will increase your security and give you greater control over who does and doesn’t have access to your home and any packages on your patio or porch. Choosing a smart doorbell for your home makes it easy to communicate with visitors, grant access to electricians, plumbers, etc., and fully monitor the comings and goings of your home.

Because of the added security and conveniences smart doorbells offer, it’s imperative that a licensed and insured electrician properly installs the system. At Roby Services, our electricians can install a full range of smart doorbells that you can easily integrate into your smart home ecosystem. We’ll install the doorbell, test it to confirm proper operation, and show you how to get the most out of your new doorbell.


Why Choose Roby Services?

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly common throughout North Carolina, and the licensed and insured electricians at Roby Services can help transform your home into a home of the future. We’ll ensure it is properly wired to support smart thermostats, doorbells, security systems, entertainment systems, and more.

Since 1950, we’ve proudly served clients throughout Charlotte and surrounding communities. When you choose our team for your home, you’ll always receive 24/7 emergency electrical service, reliable electrical repairs, dependable electrical installations, and our satisfaction guarantee.

When you want reliable smart home solutions you can depend on, call Roby Services at (980) 308-0200 to request an appointment for your home in Charlotte, Rock Hill, or Huntersville.

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