Expert Heat Pump Services in Charlotte, NC

Keeping your home warm is easier than ever thanks to reliable heating systems, but it can also be extremely expensive thanks to surging energy costs that show no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for a way to stay warm and comfortable during winter months without huge energy bills, a heat pump might be exactly what you are looking for. At Roby Services, we offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of heat pumps, including all systems from major name brands. Whether you need a simple fix for a minor problem, a major repair, or you are looking to upgrade your home to the latest in heating technology, give our Charlotte heat pump team a call.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a system that collects thermal energy in one place and then moves it to where you need it. In the case of heating your home, these systems collect this energy from the air outside and carry it indoors to release it. Think of it sort of like an air conditioner but in reverse — these systems heat a refrigerant fluid to high temperatures, pump it through a heating coil, and then force air over that coil to warm it up before sending it out to your home.

This process has a number of advantages over traditional heating systems like furnaces and boilers. For starters, furnaces and boilers typically burn a fuel source like natural gas to generate the heat needed to warm your home. This combustion process releases exhaust, and that exhaust can contain carbon monoxide and other potentially toxic substances that need to be vented into the atmosphere. This makes heat pumps the ideal choice for those who are concerned about carbon monoxide safety as well as their carbon footprint. These systems also don’t require a connection to a fuel source, but rather function on nothing more than electrical power. This makes them incredibly efficient, and most systems are typically capable of warming a home far better than their fuel-burning counterparts.

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Top-Rated Heat Pump Installation

Whether you’re looking to do away with your old, outdated heat pump system or you simply want to upgrade from your furnace to an energy-efficient and clean alternative, the team at Roby Services is the name to call. We proudly offer heat pumps from several of the biggest and most trusted names in heating and cooling, including Rheem. That gives us plenty of options so we can truly find the perfect system to meet your needs.

We also offer heat pump replacements if your system has simply worn out or is struggling to work how it used to. Our team has experience replacing and retrofitting heat pumps with the latest technology and will work diligently to make sure your new system runs at peak efficiency and performance so you can have the heat you need to get through even the coldest winter nights.

24/7 Emergency Heat Pump Repairs

Has your heat pump stopped working? Is it simply not producing the heat it once did? Is it making strange noises when it runs or smells strange when it fires up? These are just a few of the problems that our Charlotte heat pump repairs team can help you with. We accurately diagnose and repair all types of issues, and we have the experience to handle just about anything you might encounter. That way, you can trust us to handle your heat pump repair service with complete confidence.

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Heat Pump FAQs

Heat pumps can benefit any property owner who needs a high-quality HVAC system. These single-unit systems provide heating and cooling through one unit, allowing for quicker and easier repairs and maintenance.

Like any other type of HVAC system, heat pumps can run into cooling issues. Your heat pump may not be blowing cool air due to issues with the blower motor, outdoor temperature, or another problem. Reach out to Roby Services to schedule a diagnosis and repair.

Heat pumps will always work, no matter the outdoor temperature. However, it may take more time to heat or cool the home’s interior if the weather outside is extremely hot or cold.

Heat pumps are an excellent tool for heating because they don’t rely on a costly fuel source other than the heat energy outside the home. These systems run on inexpensive electricity, moving heat energy in and out of your home as needed.

No. A heat pump will work as a heating system all on its own. However, a furnace can provide additional heating for homes in frigid climates.

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