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As a third-generation, family-owned company, Roby Services treats every client like family. We know the most important thing in life is to take care of your family and provide them with a safe, comfortable home. Our Waxhaw electrical, heating, AC, and plumbing professionals are here to help you do just that. As home service experts, we can take care of just about any problem in your home. From maintaining your heating and cooling systems to rewiring properties to painting homes to repairing damaged water lines, Roby Services is your go-to, one-stop source for all home and business services.

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We all dread power outages. Thanks to the loss of electricity during a blackout, all appliances shut down and the function of our homes and businesses is seriously affected. Having a high-quality generator on your property can make all the difference.

Any property owner should own a backup generator because:

  • They automatically deliver power in a blackout
  • They allow you to operate your important appliances and systems
  • They enable you to maintain comfort and safety during emergencies
  • They protect your property from dangerous surges when the power comes back on
  • They operate safely during natural disasters
  • They provide you with peace of mind during emergencies

Our Waxhaw electricians are here to help you determine which generator is perfect for your property.

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are growing in popularity, and chances are, you’ve seen them high up on the walls of restaurants, homes, and offices.

The benefits of installing ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems include:

  • Improved indoor comfort: These systems allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms and spaces, so you can enjoy maximum comfort.
  • Better air quality: These systems filter dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates from the air, significantly improving your indoor air quality.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless mini-split systems operate very quietly unlike traditional heaters and air conditioners.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Because these systems follow strict energy guidelines, which means they consume far less energy (up to 30% less) than traditional HVAC systems.
  • Non-invasive installations: Without complex ductwork, these systems are incredibly easy to install, which also means they cost less to install than traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Money savings: Due to the reduced consumption of energy and lower installation costs, these systems help you save money.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not these systems are right for your home or business, our Waxhaw heating and AC techs are here to walk you through your options, provide upfront pricing, and perform expert installations.

With nearly 70 years of experience, you can trust that our Waxhaw plumbers can solve just about any toilet problem under the sun. The most common toilet problems include running toilets, leaking toilets, toilets that don’t flush, toilets that clog frequently, toilets that flush slowly, toilets with loose seats, toilets without caulk, toilets with corroded flush handles, toilets with rusty hinges, and more. Whatever your toilet problem is, we’ll take care of it.

At Roby Services, our team is committed to providing white-glove service every time. Each of our professionals is an expert in their field, capable of delivering expert solutions and unbeatable customer service.

To schedule service for your home or business, give us a call at (980) 308-0200.

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"We just wanted to take a minute to formally thank the Roby Services team…most notably Jeremey Elliott, Joe Bermea and Logan Blanks. When our air conditioning unit failed this week, the team was utter...”

– Stephanie C.
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"Last year I hired Roby Heating & Cooling to provide regular maintenance on my A/C units. I have been extremely impressed ever since then. They are punctual and professional. They also are more cost ...”

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"Came home after being gone for a week. Found that an electrical outlet stopped working. Went to the circuit breaker and found that the sewer pump circuit breaker had tripped off. Ryan Coleman from ROBY ...”

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Roby is first class all the way. Their

"Roby is first class all the way. Their staff is very helpful, friendly and always are willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is done correctly the first time.”

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"Cut a wire behind my wallboard and needed some professional assistance. Called Roby Electric and they came out within an hour. Completed the job in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend ...”

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