Fuse Box Repair & Installation in Charlotte, NC

Roby Services and Work Van PosingHaving trouble with your fuse box? In most Charlotte homes, any existing fuse box is well past its prime — meaning it’s important to have an experienced electrician you can trust to handle problems as they arise. At Roby Services, we know fuse boxes and residential electrical systems inside and out, so we’re sure we can have things back to normal in no time. We even offer 24/7 emergency service!

It might also be time to replace your fuse box for safety, code compliance, and home resale value, and if so, we can help with that as well.

Contact Roby Services to request fuse box repair or replacement or learn more about your options for your Charlotte-area home.

What Is a Fuse Box?

A fuse box, similar to the circuit breakers that replaced them in most homes after the 1960s, is the central point in your home where incoming electricity is split into the various circuits that fuel your home. A fuse box uses small, easily damaged components that can break apart, causing short circuits and other electrical faults that can get out of control.

Unlike a circuit breaker, a fuse in a fuse box must be replaced after being triggered because the fuse’s destruction breaks the circuit.

If your home was built in the 1960s or earlier and hasn’t had a substantial electrical remodel since, you likely still have a fuse box. While replacing them with circuit breakers is recommended for safety, utility, and convenience in most cases, they can still perform the necessary function with proper care.

Fuse Box Repairs

Wondering whether your fuse box needs the attention of a Roby Services electrician? Ask yourself if any of these signs of trouble sounds familiar:

  • Constantly needing to replace fuses
  • Inconsistent power delivery to outlets, fans, etc.
  • Lights that flicker, dim, or brighten and fans that change speeds randomly
  • Damaged electronic devices
  • Hot spots along wires, switches, or outlets, or the smell of something burning in your walls

Upgrading Your Old Fuse Box

When it’s time to replace an aging fuse box, you have two options. The rarer option is to upgrade your fuse box but continue using the technology, while the more common option is to replace it with a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers can handle the increased energy demands of modern technology safely and without constant failure and are better for the value of your home and code compliance. You’ll also save money on replacing fuses with a circuit breaker—when a circuit breaker triggers, you need only flip the switch back on to restore power to the triggered circuit.

Circuit breaker boxes can also include GFCI breakers, which are an alternative to GFCI outlets in key areas for added safety.

Why Choose Us?

At Roby Services, we’ve been helping residents of Charlotte and neighboring areas with their electrical problems for over 70 years. We’re committed to quality of service and craft because we know that’s the right way to build long-term relationships with our customers. When you choose Roby Services, we’ll do our best to make you a customer for life.

Ready to get help with a faulty or aged fuse box? Contact Roby Services today and speak to a team member to get our team headed to your home in Charlotte as quickly as possible.


Having a fuse box in your home won’t block sales in Charlotte, but upgrading to a circuit breaker can substantially improve resale value. It can also be important to bring your home up to code, especially if it has other outdated wiring.

It’s difficult to compare the two directly. Even if repairing your fuse box and replacing fuses for years or decades to come might, in some cases, be cheaper than a circuit breaker upgrade, the risk of damaging your home or electronics is substantially higher with a fuse box than with a modern circuit breaker system, meaning a circuit breaker might cost you far less in the long run.

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