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How to Save Energy in Your Commercial Property

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If you are a commercial property owner, you already know the value of conserving energy. From offices to restaurants to hotels, owning a business means having to know how to save money, and no business owner wants to expend overhead on extra electrical or heating and cooling costs. Keep reading to learn how to save energy in your commercial property, and if you are a property manager in need of a skilled electrician or HVAC tech, give Roby Services a call today.

The Top 5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Commercial Property:

  1. Upgrade & Fix Your Lights: There’s no reason in 2020 for commercial property owners to waste money on inefficient lighting. While most people in the average office building probably don’t even remember to turn the lights off when they leave a room, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your lighting system to reduce costs. Consider installing motion-sensitive lights for places like conference rooms, bathrooms, breakrooms, and parking structures. By switching to motion-censored systems in these areas, many businesses have been able to cut lighting costs by as much as 80%! You should also upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting, which requires less maintenance, and has been known to slash electric bills by up to 60%. Finally, consider hiring an electrician to see if you’re dealing with any outdated or broken lighting fixtures, which may also be unnecessarily driving up your electrical costs.
  2. Make Sure Your Office Equipment Is Set to Power-Saving Mode: A lot of property owners don’t even know how much money their equipment is costing them. Whether it’s computers, printers, or even phone systems, there are probably ways to adjust the settings on much of your business’s equipment to make it more energy-efficient. For instance, how many of your employees unnecessarily leave their computer monitors on screensaver mode when they leave for the day? And why keep that shredder on all the time, even if you only use it once or twice a day? Increase your property’s energy efficiency, and adjust the settings on these devices ASAP.
  3. Adjust Thermostat Settings: We understand that different people on your property may have different thermostat preferences. Your secretary may think it’s always too cold, while the receptionist might never stop complaining about how warm it is. While all your employees’ concerns are valid, you also need to think about saving energy. Consider installing a smart, programmable thermostat to help with this. A modern thermostat can learn your preferences, making certain rooms hotter or colder, and even adjusting around your business’s schedule.
  4. Keep HVAC Systems Properly Maintained: HVAC maintenance is an important part of keeping costs down for any property. Luckily, most modern heating and air-conditioning systems are programmed to be energy-efficient, so with the assistance of a skilled technician, you can make adjustments to your business’s HVAC equipment to keep your bills as low as possible.
  5. Have Electrical Equipment Inspected: Backed by commercial electrical experts,Roby Services is proud to offer inspections and audits to ensure your property’s electrical system always functions at peak efficiency. Our electricians not only cater to a range of businesses, but also provide work for churches, municipal buildings, condominiums and apartment complexes, and even industrial facilities and warehouses. Our goal is to keep your electrical costs low and your property safe, no matter what kind of space you’re dealing with.

To find out more about what our electrical and HVAC team at Roby Services can do for your commercial property, dial (980) 308-0200 now, or send us a message online.

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