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How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

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It’s nearly that time of year! Summer is just around the corner and with the temperatures on the rise outside, you want to make sure your home is comfortable as can be all season long. Of course, getting through any summer is nearly impossible without a functioning air conditioner! At Roby Services, our home service experts care deeply about your comfort and safety, which is why we have outlined some tips for you to keep your AC in top shape! Read on to learn what you can do to get your AC ready for summer so you can beat the heat while keeping your energy costs at a minimum! 

What to Do Before You Turn Your AC on This Summer 

After months of not being used, your air conditioner can certainly use some TLC.  

Below are things you should do to take care of your AC before turning it on this summer

  • Change your filter: Your air filter is responsible for trapping dust, dirt, and other matter. It needs to be changed every 3 months to ensure your AC runs smoothly and your home is full of fresh, clean air.   

  • Clean the area around the outside unit: Your outdoor unit should not be blocked by anything. Be sure to remove all clutter and debris, such as piles of leaves or gardening tools, surrounding it.  

  • Examine the thermostat: If your thermostat is outdated or broken, it can cause a lot of problems for your home. Upgrading your system can help you enjoy maximum comfort.  

  • Check air vents: Remove anything that happens to be blocking your air vents such as curtains or furniture to ensure adequate airflow throughout your home.  

  • Examine your ductwork: Make sure that any exposed ductwork doesn’t show signs of wear and tear. Any holes in your ductwork can put a lot of strain on your AC and increase your energy bills.  

  • Check the insulation: Your cooling lines coming out of your outdoor AC unit should be wrapped in foam insulation. If the foam is missing or damaged, call an HVAC professional to have it replaced.  

  • Schedule AC maintenance: Have an AC professional inspect your system, look for any problem areas, and help keep your system in top shape.  

The Importance of Regular Maintenance  

Routine maintenance for your air conditioning system is absolutely crucial. The advantages of maintenance include increased system efficiency, decreased energy bills, enhanced indoor comfort, improved indoor air quality, reduced chances of breakdowns, extended system lifespan, and peace of mind. In fact, you can nearly double the lifespan of your system just by keeping up with regular maintenance. Nothing is better than knowing your system is prepared to keep your home cool and your bills low! 

We recommend scheduling preventative maintenance for your air conditioner every spring. That way you can ensure you enjoy maximum comfort without worrying about your system breaking down when you need it most!  

Call Roby Services to Schedule Service 

At Roby Services, we are in the business of making sure your entire home runs smoothly! When you call on our HVAC specialists for routine AC maintenance, we will thoroughly inspect your system, run a complete safety check, lubricate all moving parts, clean dirty components, test your airflow, and offer you professional advice moving forward. If we discover any potential or existing problems with your system, we provide affordable, effective, lasting solutions—guaranteed! Our third-generation company knows exactly what it takes to make sure that your AC is in the best condition possible.  

To schedule AC maintenance or repair, call (980) 308-0200 or contact us online

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