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Are Heating Maintenance Plans Really Worth It?

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A heating maintenance plan can be a valuable tool for making sure that you always have reliable heat at your home. While the plans come with a monthly fee, the benefits could end up covering those costs in the long run. Without a membership, a homeowner could run into major system issues that result in costly repairs that could have been prevented.

Here, we’ll discuss what is usually included in a heating maintenance plan and why a homeowner may want to sign up for one.

What’s Included in a Heating Maintenance Plan?

Choosing a heating maintenance plan for your HVAC system is a good idea. Companies typically provide a few common services with their HVAC maintenance plans, including:

  • Discounts on repair services and installations
  • Annual or semiannual maintenance system checkups
  • Priority scheduling for times when you need repair services
  • Reduced or eliminated fees for emergency calls or after-hours visits

Every company will offer its own specific set of benefits for its maintenance plans. Be sure to ask a representative for details before signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan.

To learn more about what’s included in Roby Services’ maintenance memberships, call (980) 308-0200 or contact us online.

Benefits of Getting an HVAC Maintenance Plan

The advantages of getting HVAC maintenance services are endless. Here are just a few reasons to sign up for a maintenance plan:

Improved HVAC Efficiency

Your HVAC system works hard to keep your property warm or cool, depending on the outdoor temperature. Anything that can make things easier on the system is good for keeping it running well and lasting longer.

When a professional HVAC technician performs regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems, they can resolve small issues and ensure that your system is running at peak performance. From replacing filters to securing fuel connections, an HVAC technician can look over your entire system and perform repairs that make your system more efficient. This can save you money on your energy bill and ensure faster heating or cooling of your property.

Reduced Chance of Major Problems

HVAC units will eventually need repairs from time to time, just like any other major appliance in the home. With regular maintenance, you can catch small issues before they become major troubles.

A professional can look over every aspect of your heating and cooling devices to see if there are any issues. If they catch a small problem like a loose electrical connection or a slowing motor, they can fix it on the spot. That way, you can avoid major system damage that would have occurred if the small problem wasn’t resolved earlier.

Longer HVAC System Life Span

The life span of an HVAC unit tends to range from 10 to 15 years. Proper maintenance can ensure that your system reaches these levels of longevity and even beyond.

Maintenance services can keep every part of your HVAC system running well. Replacing small parts as they wear out can result in less expensive repairs and a longer life for the entire system. A longer life span means more value from your system. When you do need a new system in the future, it’s likely the new units will be more energy-efficient, too.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home should be as clean as possible. Low-quality air can result in allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses, and more. A well-maintained HVAC system can improve your home’s overall air quality.

Replacing air filters and adding air purifiers can clear the air and keep your home smelling fresh. When too much dust and debris get into your HVAC system, you may need system repairs or air duct cleaning services. With HVAC maintenance, you can stop these problems before they occur.

With the right plan, you can keep your system running like new for years to come.

Choose Roby for HVAC Maintenance Services

For decades, Roby Services has provided expert HVAC services and maintenance throughout the Carolinas. We have the tools and talents needed to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running at their best. With our maintenance plan, you’ll get:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • Comprehensive checkups of your HVAC system
  • Discounts of 50% off service calls and 10% off repairs
  • Priority scheduling, putting you at the top of our list

Ensure that your heating system is in top condition all winter long. Contact Roby Services at (980) 308-0200 to sign up for one of our maintenance membership plans.

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