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The Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split System

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Are you looking for a way to upgrade your heating and cooling equipment while saving money at the same time? If so, our skilled Charlotte HVAC technicians may have the perfect solution for you. By installing a ductless mini-split system, you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of comfort you would with a traditional air conditioner or heater, without having to rely on ductwork.

Ductless mini-splits are comprised of two components, an indoor air handling unit to an outdoor compressor/condenser. While traditional AC units remove heat from your home and transfer it through your outdoor condenser unit, ductless mini-splits can also reverse this process, extracting heat from outside and transferring it inside to warm your space. In places like Charlotte, North Carolina, where the temperature rarely gets too low, even in the winter, ductless mini-splits are often an energy-efficient alternative to classic HVAC systems. And because they do not require ductwork, they are also a perfect solution for homeowners undergoing renovations or who live in homes without air ducts!

Benefits of installing a ductless mini-split system include:

  • They are extremely energy-efficient, allowing you to save money on monthly heating and cooling bills.
  • They do not rely on ductwork, so you get better indoor air quality and homeowners with allergy issues/breathing problems don’t have to worry about allergens being spread around their home.
  • They allow you to control and zone temperatures easily from room to room (most models can be operated using a simple remote.)
  • They tend to last longer than traditional HVAC systems and require fewer repairs and less maintenance.
  • They are better for the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • They are not clunky and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional HVAC units.
  • They run quietly, preventing any noisy disturbances.

Did you know it’s been estimated that most homeowners waste up to 30% of their AC and heating power through ductwork? By installing a ductless mini-split system, you’ll never have to worry about this again! Just call Roby Services to upgrade to a ductless system today, and make sure to ask about available coupons and promotions.

Are you considering going ductless? Contact us online for more information, or call 24/7 at (980) 308-0200 for emergency service.

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