Leaky Pipes

How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While You Wait for a Plumber

Oh no! One of your pipes has sprung a leak and you can’t get a plumber to come to your house right away. So what do you do? Don’t worry—our plumbing experts are here to make sure you don’t experience unnecessary water damage following a burst pipe or sudden leak. Keep reading to learn how to patch a leaky pipe while you wait for a plumber, courtesy of our experienced pros at Roby Services.

Follow These 5 Steps to Temporarily Patch a Leaky Pipe:

  1. Turn Off the Water: The first thing you should always do when you experience a severe pipe leak is to turn off the water supply. If you can’t find the valve that controls the pipe in question, find your house’s main shut-off valve to get the job done. After you’ve used the shut-off valve to stop the flow of water, turn on a nearby tap to make sure your system is thoroughly drained.
  2. Clean Up the Surrounding Area: You don’t want to patch a pipe that’s still wet, and letting water pool on your floor or seep into your home is only going to lead to avoidable damage. That’s why before you proceed any further, you should wipe down the leaky pipe and clean up the surrounding area, thus negating the chance an accident will happen and preventing the water that was released from permanently damaging your home.
  3. Tighten the Pipe: One possible reason your pipe may have sprung a leak is loose joints. You should tighten the joints of the pipe that sprung a leak, even if that’s not what caused the problem, as this will prevent more water from accidentally dripping out while you wait.
  4. Sand Down Rough Edges: Here’s a helpful tip—patching a pipe is more difficult if it is covered in rust or crags. By sanding down the rough edges or rust spots on your pipe, you can not only make it easier to patch, but get rid of any unsightly damage, too.
  5. Patch the Pipe: Once you have completed the above steps, you are finally ready to patch your pipe. We recommend using some kind of epoxy putty, as this will hold for a long time and create a tight seal around any holes. If you don’t have any putty lying around just use duct tape. This obviously isn’t a permanent solution, but it should last until you can get a plumber to your house to address the larger issue. Remember, no matter when your pipe leak occurs, day or night, if your plumber can’t get there ASAP, it is a good idea to patch it, just to be on the safe side.

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