Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting 101

With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home’s exterior so it looks as beautiful as possible throughout the season. But where to start? Halloween decorations and Christmas lights are one thing, but what about other lighting options to upgrade the outside of your property? Keep reading for everything you need to know about exterior lighting from our expert electricians at Roby Services. Remember, we are available for all your professional lighting and essential electrical services.

The Main Types of Exterior Lighting to Put on Your House:

  • Flush Wall Sconces: Flush wall sconces enable you to shine light sideways or vertically. This means you can illuminate your exteriors for visibility while also giving your exterior a dramatic visual touch. For practical and aesthetic purposes, flush wall sconces are an excellent choice, plus they can be installed in electric, solar, or battery-powered models.
  • Hanging Lanterns: You can purchase hanging lanterns in a full range of styles and finishes to complement the look of your property. They are easily customizable, and can fit with versatile architectural styles, though they always give your property a classic, elegant look. On a practical level, it is important to consider where you are putting your hanging lanterns, since if they dip down low enough, you can end up bumping your head on them.
  • Torch Lights: Torch lights are pretty much exactly what they sound like: lights made to resemble old-fashioned torches, like what you would find in a castle. These unique, bold-looking sconces have grown in popularity over time as more and more homeowners look for ways to help their home stand out. If you want something to grab people’s attention as soon as they step onto your property, torch lights are a great way to go. Pro tip: if you really want to go for something original, pair these sconces with flickering bulbs, giving off a true flickering torch effect.
  • Pendant Lights: Looking for a classic but stylish way to add lights to your property? Pendant lights hang down to drip attractive beams of light across the front of your house at night. While they do come with some risk of bumping your head, much like hanging lanterns, they are a great addition to your home if placed properly.
  • Security & Landscape Lighting: You can install a variety of security and landscape lights on your property, but when it comes to fixtures attached directly to your home, you’re probably going to put in some type of angled sconces. This will allow the lights to shine across the yard, rather than just illuminating the area in front of them.

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