Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

Electrical wiring is designed to last a long time, which is why we often don’t think twice about it until something is wrong. Over time, electrical wires and the insulation surrounding them begin to degrade, which reduces their effectiveness and can cause major problems for your home.

If you notice that your electrical system doesn’t seem to be working the way it should be, you may need to consider rewiring your home. While rewiring may seem like a major investment, it reduces your risk of experiencing a house fire, increases the value of your home, improves the safety of your home, saves you money on your electrical bills, and increases your home’s electrical capacity. Continue reading to discover if its time for you to upgrade your electrical wires.

Old Wiring

As much as we love how much character our older homes have, they simply were not designed with today’s technological needs in mind. If your home is 50 years or older, chances are your wiring needs to be updated. Not only does old wiring fail to support modern technological demands, but it also significantly increases the chances of a house fire. In fact, electrical problems (such as old wiring) are the cause of nearly 10% of all residential fires.

Aluminum Wiring

If your house was built between the years 1965 and 1973, you need to schedule an electrical inspection. Homes during this time were often built using aluminum wiring, which has been found to significantly increase the chances of a house fire. Aluminum wiring should always be replaced as soon as possible.

Flickering Lights

Do the lights in one or more rooms of your house flicker all the time? If you have ensured your light bulbs are properly twisted in and they are still flickering on a regular basis, you need to schedule an electrical inspection. Flickering lights are often a sign of loose wiring connections, which can be a sign that there is a serious problem with the wiring in your home.

Burning Smells

If there is a persistent burning smell in your home, it might be coming from your wires. Loose connections and faulty wires can cause your wiring to short, which creates sparks that can singe wires, outlets, and walls. If you can’t see any visible signs of burning on your outlets, chances are the issue is happening behind your walls. Either way, the issue needs to be addressed immediately by the fire department or a professional electrician, depending on the severity of the issue.

Discolored Outlets & Switches

If your outlets and switches show visible signs of burning, your wiring is probably shorting and creating sparks. Brown or black burn marks on your light switches and outlets are major signs of faulty wiring and need to be assessed by a professional right away.

Insufficient Number of Outlets

Older homes typically are not equipped with a sufficient number of outlets. If you find that you are relying on the use of several power strips and extension cords to power the appliances in your home, you should consider rewiring.

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker is responsible for cutting off the electricity to a particular circuit when there is too much power going through the wiring. This can protect your appliances and your home from power surges. However, when your circuit breaker isn’t working correctly, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection to your home. If your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, you need to schedule an electrical inspection.

How Can Roby Services Help?

DIY projects can be so much fun, but when it comes to rewiring your home, you need to leave the work for the professionals. Working with electrical wiring can be extremely dangerous to those who are not experts. Mishandling electrical wires can lead to electrical shock, destroyed appliances, and electrical fires.

Instead, turn to Roby Services for all your electrical wiring and rewiring services. We will carefully inspect your existing wiring to assess its condition and determine if it is time to rewire. Whether you need one room or the whole house rewired, you can count on our team to treat the task at hand with the utmost urgency and take care of it quickly and on time. Thanks to our expertise, extreme attention to detail, and state-of-the-art tools and technology, we always get the job done right the first time.

Call Roby Services today at (704) 753-7754 to learn more about our wiring and rewiring services. You can also send our team a message online.