Gas Line Plumbing in Boone, NC

Gas line valve being shut off

Need help with the gas lines in your home? Whether installing gas line plumbing for the first time, running a line to a new appliance, replacing aging lines for safety and reliability, or repairing damaged or concerning lines, residents of Boone can always count on Roby Services for fast, effective services using quality parts.

For over 70 years, we’ve served communities around Charlotte with superior home services backed by integrity and pride in our work. When you choose Roby Services, you can get it all done by one.

If you need gas line plumbing services in Blowing Rock or Banner Elk, call Roby Services at (828) 201-2184 now to schedule a visit or learn more.

Gas Line Plumbing Installation

When you need new gas line plumbing in your home, let the experts at Roby Services handle everything with high-quality materials, industry-best practices, and dedication to reliable, safe results. At every step of the process, we’re double-checking components and connections, testing for leaks and appliance function, and doing what’s necessary to ensure a reliable gas supply for your heating, cooking, and other appliances in the years to come.

We’ll turn off your gas lines if you have them, confirm the goals and route for your equipment, inspect each component and double-check our planning, connect your lines to appliances, test for airtightness, turn on the gas and test appliances, and then assess for any hint of leaks, weak connections, or other problems that could develop.

Gas Line Plumbing Repairs

Gas line plumbing issues aren’t something that can wait, as even a minor leak in the wrong place can prove disastrous for your safety. If you have any reason to suspect a gas leak in your home, your first step should always be to evacuate your home, leaving the door open for ventilation, and contact 911 or your gas company. Even a small leak and a tiny spark can prove catastrophic if gas has mixed with oxygen at the right ratio in a particular area.

Of course, not every gas line problem is an obvious leak. If you notice a drop in your indoor air quality, keep thinking you caught a tiny whiff of gas, notice your plants dying, or see bubbles in your lawn, you might have a leak that requires repairs. You should also call Roby Services for repairs if you notice any physical damage to your gas lines, just to be safe. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as your gas is turned off and the situation is safe!

Call Roby Services at (828) 201-2184 today to request emergency gas line repairs in Boone.

Choose Roby Services Today

When you need gas line plumbing services, turn to the team you trust for all your home service needs in the Boone area: Roby Services. We emphasize service that nurtures long-lasting relationships with every customer.

That means that when you call our team for gas plumbing installation or repairs, we intend to leave you satisfied with every aspect of the interaction now and in the years ahead — no rude technicians, no cut corners, no deceptive pricing.

When you’re ready to schedule gas line plumbing services for your Boone home, call Roby Services at (828) 201-2184.


Natural gas by itself has no odor, but for safety purposes, smelly compounds such as mercaptan, THT, and DMS are added to make leaks obvious. You should expect it to smell like rotten eggs, cooking cabbage, or similar sulfurous or methane-based smells. Other indoor air quality problems from gas appliances could result from poor ventilation or combustion and pose a safety risk, so treat any unusual smell seriously!

New gas lines last 30 years or more if nothing goes wrong, with some lines potentially lasting the better part of a century, depending on environmental factors and luck. Only a few materials fall short, such as the less-popular forms of copper piping used in some areas, which have life spans in the range of 20 years.

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