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Electrical panel open for repairsWhen you need electrical panel upgrade or replacement services, contact Roby Services. Our team has been serving homeowners and business owners in Boone for decades, so we’re able to diagnose any kind of electrical system issues, including panel and circuit breaker problems. No matter what issue you’re experiencing, our electricians are available 24/7 for emergency panel services.

Roby Services is your one-stop source for all of your electrical needs. Schedule a service online or call us at (828) 201-2184.

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Recent advances in technology have introduced devices and appliances that property builders couldn’t imagine when they installed electrical panels just a few decades ago. As a result, panels and breakers can become outdated and require upgrades to function at maximum efficiency.

Here are a few signs your electrical panel needs upgrades:

  • Lights flicker without any apparent cause (i.e., storms, high winds, etc.)
  • Circuit breakers trip often, especially in one room or region of your property
  • Panel hums or buzzes
  • Breakers seem warm to the touch

Upgrade your electrical panel or breakers to meet your needs. Call us at (828) 201-2184.

What Is an Electrical Heavy-Up?

Older homes once needed panel upgrades for safety and convenience, but with today’s increased electrical demands, many homeowners consider an electrical heavy-up. An electrical heavy-up is when your local electrician replaces some or all the components in your electrical panel.

Reasons you need a heavy-up include:

  • Electrical safety: Today’s family electrical requirements can cause panel overloading. This is a fire hazard that can be resolved by increasing your home’s power levels with a heavy-up.
  • Enhanced performance: A steady, uninterrupted electrical flow is safer and can eliminate breaker trips and flickering lights.
  • Expansion: Home add-ons or renovations are trending as families require more living space. An electrical heavy-up increases your expansion options and reduces your risks of electrical problems.

Energy-efficiency improvements, including an electrical heavy-up, may qualify for a federal tax rebate. An electrical heavy-up also increases your property value. It’s a good investment, especially when you partner with North Carolina’s most experienced and trusted family of electricians: Roby’s Services.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades vs. Replacements

Electrical panels and breakers are very sturdy pieces of equipment that can last for about 25 years before replacements are needed. More than likely, one of the licensed electricians at Roby Services will recommend electrical panel upgrades before they recommend a replacement. However, if you are installing an appliance that will demand a lot from your electrical panel, it might make more sense to replace it early in order to reconfigure how your property uses electricity. One of our team members can assess your system and make recommendations that are specific to your needs.

Schedule an appointment with a Roby Services licensed electrician for your Boone, NC, home or business. Call us at (828) 201-2184 or reach out to us online.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Electrical Panel

The risk of electrical fires increases as panels and circuit breakers age so it’s important to call an electrician as soon as you notice any of the following signs you need to replace your electrical panel:

  • Panel is more than 25 years old
  • It smells like something is burning
  • You notice small sparks from your breakers
  • Rust is forming on or near your panel
  • New appliances malfunction without any other explanation

Request 24/7 emergency electrical panel services now by calling us at (828) 201-2184 or sending us a message online.

Why Choose Roby Services?

At Roby Services, we’re proud to help you clear your “to do” list with a one-stop solution to your Boone commercial or residential property needs. We maintain electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing experts on our staff so that you don’t have to juggle multiple contacts. With our exceptional customer service and breadth of knowledge, we can solve any issue you’re experiencing.

Speak to one of our team members and schedule a service at (828) 201-2184 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s possible to reconfigure your home’s electrical panel to best suit your needs, but there may be some safety limitations. Schedule an electrical panel service today to meet with a Roby Services electrician.

You can DIY an electrical panel upgrade if you own your property, live there exclusively, and never plan to sell. Otherwise, you need a licensed electrician. It’s not a good idea because the risks outweigh any money savings. If property damage (including fire) results from DIY electrical repairs or upgrades, your insurance can deny coverage. If you sell the house, you must meet North Carolina electrical codes.

Many do-it-yourself repairs and replacements are safe, but savvy homeowners know electrical work is not a DIY project.

There are several reasons why breakers get “stuck.” One of the more serious reasons is that your panel’s auto-safety features sensed there was some risk for an electrical fire. Call us and we’ll dispatch a licensed electrician to your home or business immediately to take a look.

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