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Power surges don’t just cause irritating disruptions to your day — they can cause serious problems for your home electrical devices. At Roby Services, our team helps you avoid unexpected disturbances to your power supply through our whole-home surge protection services. By installing our whole-home surge protectors, Boone families are able to enjoy safe, reliable access to power across all of their electrical devices.

If you need surge protection for your Boone home, turn to the team at Roby Services for state-of-the-art solutions. Call (828) 201-2184 to request whole-home surge protection services!

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection in Boone

Installing a whole-home surge protector in your Boone home can afford you many benefits, including:

  • Device protection: One power surge has the potential to damage a circuit board beyond repair, leaving your high-tech gadgets vulnerable to complete failure and data erasure. With a whole-home surge protector in place, you’ll enjoy long-lasting protection for all of your electronic devices.
  • Transient surges: Short power surges (known as transient surges) often come from inside the home when larger appliances switch on and take over the power supply. While these don’t cause serious damage on their own, over time, they can lead to significant issues. A surge protector will keep this from happening.
  • Fire prevention: Power surges have the potential to cause overheating, sparks, electrical arcing, and even electrical fire. With a whole-home surge protector in place, you’ll be able to avoid overheating your systems and keep dangerous electrical fires at bay.

Ready to reap the benefits of whole-home surge protection for your Boone home? Call Roby Services at (828) 201-2184 or contact us online.

Our Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

Through our powerful surge protection solutions, it’s easier than ever for Boone families to protect against the damaging effects that a power surge can have on their electrical devices. Our whole-home surge protectors are installed in your electrical panel to help limit excess currents by blocking the flow of electricity or shorting it to the ground. This layer of enhanced protection shields all of your appliances and electronics for holistic defense against harmful voltage spikes.

Commercial Surge Protection for Boone Businesses 

As a business owner, you invest a lot in the electrical devices and appliances that help keep your business operational. Safeguard all of your electrical equipment by choosing the commercial-grade surge protection solutions at Roby Services. With our commercial surge protection in place, you’ll be able to protect against unwanted disruptions to your power supply so you can stay focused on operating at full capacity.

Find the surge protection solutions your business needs by calling (828) 201-2184 or contacting us online to schedule commercial surge protection services in Boone!

Why Choose Roby Services?

Since 1998, Roby Services has proudly delivered the exceptional electrical solutions that Boone residents rely on for:

  • White-glove service: We treat each of our customers with the same level of white-glove customer service they deserve.
  • Upfront, honest pricing: Our team is committed to complete transparency, offering 100% upfront, honest pricing before every service we perform.
  • Family-operated business: Our family-owned and -operated company values family, integrity, grit, pride, lifetime relationships, and honesty above all else.

Discover why our master electricians are routinely called upon by all of your Boone neighbors: Call us at (828) 201-2184 to request whole-home surge protection services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Transient power surges are some of the most commonly occurring types of power surges that Boone families experience. These types of surges stem from inside the home and typically occur when larger appliances switch on and cause a disruption in the flow of electricity across your other devices. In other cases, power surges can be caused by other factors, such as bad weather or faulty electrical wiring.

Surge protectors work to safeguard electronics from being damaged due to sudden voltage spikes. A surge protector will help absorb and disburse the voltage increase, allowing connected equipment to remain unaffected by the surge.

Some homeowners might mistakenly believe they already have a surge protector when, in fact, they only have a power strip. While they do look similar, a power strip simply expands your electrical outlet to accommodate more devices. By contrast, a surge protector goes a step further, not only expanding your outlets but also protecting them against sudden voltage fluctuations that can render connected devices useless.

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