Switch & Outlet Services in Greenville, SC

Satisfying modern-day electrical demands means ensuring your home is equipped with the switches and outlets necessary for meeting your power needs. At Roby Services, our team offers comprehensive switch and outlet solutions that Greenville residents have trusted since 1998.

For all your outlet and switch service needs, trust Roby Services to get the job done right. Call 864-712-0439 to schedule switch and outlet services in Greenville!

Outlet Services in Greenville, SC

Our master electricians are here to assist with any outlet service need you may have. We are proud to install and repair all types of switches and outlets in the Greenville area, including:

  • Electrical outlets
  • USB outlets
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles
  • Three-way switches
  • Dimmers
  • Ceiling fan controllers
  • Timers or motion sensor light controllers

Outlet Repair

When your outlets require repair, it’s critical that you act quickly to resolve the problem so you can avoid electrical shock, fire, and other harmful effects. At Roby Services, our team offers outlet repair throughout Greenville so you can get back to safe, reliable power access in your home. Contact us the moment you recognize the signs of needed outlet repair, including:

  • Outlets are hot to the touch
  • Electrical shock when touching an outlet
  • Scorch marks or smoke coming from outlet
  • Buzzing noises coming from outlet

If you’re experiencing outlet malfunctions in your Greenville-area home, call Roby Services at 864-712-0439 to request outlet repair services!

Outlet Installation & Replacement

Our team offers outlet installation and replacement for both ground-fault circuit interrupters and standard outlets. We recommend replacing the outlets in your home if:

  • Your outlets are outdated or ungrounded
  • Plugs fit loosely or fall out of the outlet entirely
  • The outlet cover is cracked or broken
  • Your outlets only receive two-prong plugs

Ensure your home can satisfy your modern-day electrical needs by scheduling outlet installation or replacement with Roby Services.

Switch Services in Greenville, SC

With more than 20 years of service experience in the Greenville area, our electricians are uniquely capable of providing a broad range of switch services, including:

Switch Repair

Switch malfunctions aren’t just a nuisance: They can pose a serious risk to the safety of your household members. At Roby Services, our electricians are available to provide the long-lasting resolutions you need to regain safe, reliable power to your home’s electrical system. We are here to act at the first sign of needed switch repair, including:

  • Switches are hot to the touch
  • Switches have become warped
  • Buzzing noises when switches are flipped
  • Electric shock after touching a switch
  • Scorch marks or burning odors coming from switches

If you suspect your switches need repair, don’t hesitate to call 864-712-0439 or contact us online to schedule switch repair!

Switch Installation & Replacement

From dimmer switches to standard switches, our team offers the installation and replacement solutions you seek. Consider replacing the switches in your home if:

  • You notice a delay between flipping the switch and the light turning on
  • The switch has become loose over time
  • The switch is older than 20 years old
  • Your switch cover is cracked or broken

Whether you’re installing switches in a newly built home or are upgrading existing switches, Roby Services is the only team you need for the job.

Call us at 864-712-0439 to request switch installation or replacement services in Greenville, SC!

Why Choose Roby Services for Switch & Outlet Service in Greenville, SC?

Since 1998, Roby Services has delivered the superior electrical solutions that Greenville residents trust thanks to our unparalleled commitment to:

  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Grit
  • Honesty
  • Pride
  • Lifetime relationships

There’s no better team than Roby Services when you need fast, reliable outlet and switch services in Greenville, SC.

Call us at 864-712-0439 or contact us online to schedule outlet or switch services with our team today!

Switch & Outlet FAQs

When too many things are plugged into an outlet, it can cause the outlet to overload, which can lead to a tripped circuit breaker. Too many devices plugged into a single outlet can also increase your risk of electrocution and electrical fire. Always be mindful of how many devices you plug into your outlets to prevent overloading your unit.

Electrical receptacles can be split so that a wall switch may control an outlet. For instance, a lamp that’s plugged into the switched outlet can be turned on with a light switch — a trick that’s often used in bedrooms and office spaces in the home.

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