Electrical Panel & Breaker Upgrades in Greenville, SC

Electrical panel that is outdated

A house’s electrical system is only as good as its electrical panel. If your Greenville home’s electricity is struggling or you want to renovate/improve your property, you may need an electrical panel and breaker box upgrade.

Roby Services is Greenville’s go-to team for electrical panel services and upgrades. Driven by the core values of family, integrity, grit, pride, lifetime relationships, and honesty, Roby Services consistently delivers exceptional results.

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The Difference Between Electrical Panels & Breaker Boxes

As the control point for electricity within a home, the electrical panel plays an important role in your daily routine.

Yet, there can be a lot of confusion regarding what electrical panels and breaker boxes are. Here’s a simple distinction to help you better manage your electrical system: Electrical panels help protect against power surges, whereas breaker boxes help distribute the electrical current throughout a home.

Four Signs To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Electrical panel problems typically don’t come as a surprise because your home’s electrical condition is always communicating with you. For example, these are four common signs your home needs a heavy up:

  • Frequent circuit overloads: If your breakers trip frequently or you notice flickering lights when using multiple appliances, your electrical panel may be struggling. Upgrading to a larger panel with higher capacity can fix these issues and provide better, more reliable power distribution.
  • Outdated panel: A clear indicator that you should upgrade your electrical panel is if you’re still relying on an outdated one. Not only does an outdated panel likely not meet current safety standards, but it can also pose a fire hazard.
  • Home renovations or additions: When adding to or renovating your home, upgrading the electrical panel is recommended to ensure the modified home’s electricity is safe and reliable.
  • Increased power consumption: Higher utility bills can indicate that your electrical panel is having trouble meeting the demand. Upgrading to a more efficient panel can reduce energy waste and lower monthly electricity costs.

Panel Upgrades vs. Replacements

Electrical issues don’t automatically signal the need for a heavy up. Often, an electrical expert can upgrade your existing panel without replacing it.

Damaged or aging panels should be replaced to protect your home and meet safety standards. Otherwise, if your panel is insufficient for your current needs, Roby Services can improve it by installing additional circuits or increasing capacity.

Why Choose Roby Services?

Electrical work requires the best of the best. It isn’t something that should be done DIY or by inexperienced contractors.

Roby Services understands how an efficient, high-functioning electrical system contributes to better quality of life. We take our work seriously, which means you can enjoy the benefits for years.

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