Whole-Home Surge Protection in Greenville, SC

Whole-house surge protector device installed with main breakerYou may not realize it, but your home’s power supply is vulnerable to voltage spikes.

Power surges can damage electronic devices and appliances, whether from utility grid fluctuations, large appliances cycling on and off, or lighting strikes. The best way to protect against this is with whole-home surge protection.

For more than two decades, the professionals at Roby Services have been keeping houses safe and comfortable with our superior electrical solutions. Our whole-home surge protection services in Greenville are designed to keep your home in great shape.

Learn more about how we can protect your major appliances in Greenville or Taylors by contacting us online or calling 864-712-0439.

How Whole-Home Surge Protection Works

Unlike individual surge protectors that just protect specific outlets or devices, whole-home surge protection is installed at the main electrical panel to protect all the connected appliances and devices.

Here’s a glimpse at how this works:

  • Main panel installation: The first step is installing a surge protection device at the incoming electrical supply.
  • Monitoring voltage levels: Once installed, the device continuously monitors voltage levels. When it detects a sudden increase in voltage, the surge protection device acts quickly to divert that excess energy.
  • Redirecting surges: When diverting excess energy, the device redirects that voltage to the ground — preventing it from reaching your home’s electrical circuits and devices.
  • Protecting electronic devices: By intercepting and diverting surges, whole-home surge protection ensures that your entire electrical system remains protected from damage or malfunction that typically comes with voltage spikes.

Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation

As electrical experts, Roby Services has mastered the whole-home surge protection installation process. Our technicians have the proper equipment, training, and experience to swiftly and successfully enhance your Greenville home’s electrical defense.

Our process works like this:

  1. Consultation and assessment: No two homes are the same, so we treat every project as unique. That includes a one-on-one property assessment to devise the correct solution for you.
  2. Device installation: We install the surge protection device directly into your main electrical panel to provide comprehensive protection.
  3. Wiring and integration: We seamlessly integrate the device into your existing electrical wiring.
  4. Testing and verification: Finally, we test the surge protection system to ensure it’s functioning correctly and providing the right protection against voltage spikes.

Why Choose Roby Services?

Your home’s electrical well-being is something you don’t have to take chances on. Otherwise, power surges can significantly damage devices and appliances, risking their longevity.

Choose the team that’ll put your satisfaction and your home’s results at the top of their priority list.

Discover why more Greenville homeowners are turning to Roby Services for their electrical needs. Request an appointment by calling 864-712-0439.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a whole-home surge protection system is worth it since it provides exceptional, comprehensive protection for an entire home’s electrical system. Some electrical devices and appliances (like computers, televisions, refrigerators, and HVAC systems) are our biggest interior assets, so it’s important to protect them.

A standard whole-home surge protector will last around 10 years, but this can depend on the manufacturer and usage.


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