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man in glovers using pliers working with electrical wiresAt Roby Services, we’re always ready to help Fountain Inn residents with all their electrical service needs.

When lights are flickering, switches are poorly placed, outlets are inadequate, or circuit breakers are tripping, our team of experienced electricians will be there promptly to assess the situation and deliver a satisfying solution you can trust.

Contact the team at Roby Services now to schedule electrical work or learn more about what we can offer your Fountain Inn space.

Comprehensive Electrical Repairs

There are many ways that your home electrical system can become faulty, inefficient, or outright dangerous, from minor irritations like a flickering light to serious threats like scorched outlets or the smell of burning wires. Whatever is ailing your home electricity, you can always count on the experienced hands at Roby Services for comprehensive electrical repairs for your:

Electrical Installation & Wiring

When it’s time to add new wiring, panels, or electrical appliances to your home, make sure you’re working with qualified electricians you can trust for safe, efficient, code-compliant electrical work.

Poor electrical work isn’t just a source of future headaches in terms of damaged systems and costly repairs. Serious damage to your home or expensive appliances is bad enough — but shoddy wiring could lead to serious injury through shock or fire.

At Roby Services, we’re happy to help you install your new ceiling fan or lighting, upgrade your home with additional outlets or circuits, wire up a new addition, upgrade your panel to meet modern standards, or even rewire your entire home for safety, compliance, and energy efficiency. You’re investing in your home, so make sure you invest with the right team for the job.

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Whatever your electrical needs are in Fountain Inn, you can always count on Roby Services to deliver the best possible outcomes for your safety, comfort, home value, and utility. We’re dedicated to the core values of family, integrity, grit, pride, honesty, and lifetime relationships, which means you can expect our team always to deliver its best to create long-term satisfaction. We’ll take you seriously and treat your home with respect, so you can always trust our team when you have a home service need.

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This flickering could suggest that you have too much on a single circuit, that your electrical panel isn’t managing loads well, or that there’s something wrong with the wiring of your washing machine. It might not be a serious issue that puts you in danger, but it’s not expected or intended behavior for a well-designed home electrical system. Regardless, it’s worth having a professional check it out before it becomes something bigger.

Standby generators are arguably worth it anywhere, depending on your situation and electrical needs. South Carolina can occasionally get very nasty weather, meaning an outage could add additional stress and danger on top of an already stressful or dangerous situation. A standby generator makes sure that the lights stay on, the HVAC stays running, and the refrigerator stays cold when your block goes dark — to say nothing of entertainment, news sources, and any important medical equipment you might rely on.

If breakers trip for no apparent reason in your home, you should be very concerned about the state of your wiring. While it’s not unusual to have a breaker trip for a good reason every now and then, like from accidentally overloading a circuit with multiple appliances, random failures indicate something causing shorts, damaged wires, or a fault or deterioration of your circuit breaker panel itself.

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Electrical storm knocked out a circuit and several

"Electrical storm knocked out a circuit and several light fixtures. Aaron showed up on short notice and made quick work of repairs. He was friendly, chipper, and super fast. Reasonably priced too! I...”

– Steven M.
Aaron arrived early and did a great job

"Aaron arrived early and did a great job explaining what needed to be done and giving us options. Then preformed the work quickly and right.”

– Michael S.
Called Roby Services at 10:30 am requesting a

"Called Roby Services at 10:30 am requesting a service call to check the wiring on a GFI circuit. Aaron, a very professional service tech, arrived at 1 pm the same day and had repair completed by 2 pm....”

– Chris K.
Aaron was great! We were very pleased with

"Aaron was great! We were very pleased with his service and plan on using him again.”

– Lanier B.
We used Roby services to help us figure

"We used Roby services to help us figure out some light switch issues that a customer was having. They did great work for us. They showed up on time, were very knowledgeable in the electric field and...”

– Michael K.
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