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When To Call for Emergency AC Repair?

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Air conditioning emergencies are more common than you might think. In North Carolina, it can get very hot quickly, and it’s important to ensure that your home is able to cool down. Without proper cooling, you or your family members could suffer from a variety of ailments.

Be sure to work with fast, reliable professionals when you experience an AC emergency. Roby Services is available 24/7 to provide emergency air conditioning services. We can visit your property quickly and provide a solution that gets your home cooled down in no time.

Call (980) 308-0200 if you’re experiencing an AC emergency.

Recognizing Critical Situations 

In certain circumstances, a lack of air conditioning is considered a serious danger and an emergency. If any of these situations apply, be sure to contact Roby Services for immediate assistance.

  • The outdoor temperature is above 85 degrees: In these instances, it can be dangerous for some family members to deal with the heat. Even opening the windows and using fans may not be enough to keep the home cool.
  • The home includes children, the elderly, or the immunocompromised: These groups have specific health needs that can be affected by the heat. Lingering in a high-temperature space for too long can lead to illness, heat stroke, or other complications.

If either of these situations applies to you, reach out to Roby Services to get your air conditioning system up and running again fast.

Identifying Urgent & Emergency Air Conditioning Issues

Certain problems that arise within your AC system can be considered an emergency. If not solved quickly, they can lead to even bigger issues, including a fire. Look for these problems with your AC system to determine if you’re experiencing an air conditioning emergency:

  • Leaking air conditioner unit: Condensation should leak from an air conditioner, but it should not pour out and start to cause water damage. Freon, the coolant within the AC system, should never leak out anywhere. If you see puddles of liquid anywhere near your air conditioner, it’s time to call a pro for help.
  • Electrical problems: Air conditioners use a lot of electricity. If the system is causing problems with your other electrical devices and appliances, the system is being overtaxed. Call an HVAC technician immediately before your electrical system becomes damaged or a fire starts.
  • Burning smells: An air conditioner will produce heat when it’s operating, but it should never smell like it’s burning. This could be a sign of an impending fire. Contact an expert to solve this immediately.
  • Odd noises: Every air conditioner will make some sound while in operation, but it should not be loud. If your system sounds much louder than usual or is making noises like banging and clanking, there is a problem. Make sure to have a pro look at the system ASAP.

These are the most common scenarios that could be air conditioner emergencies. Make sure to call (980) 308-0200 if any of these problems are plaguing your AC system.

Expert Advice When You’re Unsure

Roby Services wants everyone to be safe in their own home. If you think you might have an air conditioner emergency on your hands, rely on us to fix the issue.

We can talk with you over the phone to diagnose the severity of the problem and determine if it’s a simple fix or a major issue. With our help, you can avoid disaster with your AC system.

Call (980) 308-0200 now to discuss your air conditioner issues with our staff.

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