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Your HVAC Maintenance To-Do List: Fall Edition

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The seasons are changing. Summer to fall. Baseball to football. And of course, air conditioning to heating. At Roby Services, our goal to is make sure your equipment is ready for when the temperature starts to drop. Keep reading for our comprehensive fall HVAC maintenance to-do list and feel free to call our expert technicians 24/7 for emergency heating and cooling service.

How to Perform Fall HVAC Maintenance in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Replace Air Filters: A lot of homeowners forget to regularly inspect their HVAC system’s air filters. This is a big problem, since dirty air filters not only affect your indoor air quality, they can also cause your system to perform worse, forcing you to spend more on energy costs for less comfort. Make sure to check and replace your AC filters before the start of fall, and consider installing a high-efficiency filter to help your system work better and run longer. Your equipment may notify you when you need a filter change, but if it doesn’t, it’s always good to check on this every 30-90 days.
  2. Inspect Your Units for Dust & Debris: When autumn rolls around and the leaves start to fall, it’s time to inspect your outdoor HVAC units for dust and debris. Clean your system off with a hose if necessary and remove blockages. It is important to ensure there is nothing obstructing your system’s airflow. This will help keep your equipment efficient—after all, no matter how good your HVAC system is, it will not be able to function at peak performance if there’s a bird’s nest inside of it.
  3. Clean Out Registers & Vents: It may sound crazy, but the truth is that even 1/100th of an inch of dust can decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency by as much as 10%. To reduce utility costs and help your equipment function at maximum efficiency, you should always wipe down registers and clean the vents at the change of season.
  4. Check Your Thermostat: You may notice over the fall and winter seasons that your heater is having trouble warming up your home. Perform the necessary maintenance, and if your heating system is still not working correctly, call a technician. If there’s nothing wrong with your HVAC equipment, chances are the problem lies with your thermostat. Your house will not be able to achieve the desired temperatures if you do not fix this issue, so if there is a problem with your thermostat, get it taken care of ASAP. You may also want to consider installing a smart thermostat, which will make it easier for your home to adjust to the change in seasons.
  5. Call a Professional: The final step to HVAC maintenance is simply to call a professional to guarantee your system is in tip-top shape. At Roby Services, we can perform comprehensive heating and cooling maintenance inspections, designed to increase your units’ energy-efficiency and detect problems you may not have caught otherwise. And now with our affordable HVAC maintenance membership, you can receive regular system tune-ups and checks without going out of your way to schedule them. The toughest part about HVAC maintenance is simply remembering it, but by signing up for a membership, you will receive guaranteed protection for your system year-round. And our maintenance memberships also come with priority service and discounted rates, making them one of the best HVAC deals around. Call today to sign up, and remember that this fall, Roby Services is always here for your home comfort needs.

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