What's That Buzzing Noise Coming from My Outlet?

What's That Buzzing Noise Coming from My Outlet?

It’s happened to many homeowners at some point: you go to plug something in, and hear a faint buzzing sound coming from your outlet. However, just because this is a semi-common occurrence does not mean you should ignore it. Failing to deal with this issue could jeopardize your electrical system, and even put your safety at risk. If you have ever wondered, “what’s that buzzing noise coming from my outlet?”, keep reading for everything you need to know, and make sure to call our skilled electricians at Roby Services anytime to schedule an appointment.

Reasons Why Your Outlet is Buzzing

  • Connectivity Problems: Sometimes, when your wiring becomes old and worn down, it is possible for connections to come loose, and this can result in that electrical buzz you hear coming from your outlet. This is particularly common in older homes, that may have at one point been rewired or had the outlets replaced. If you are having a connectivity issue, you could start to have other problems with your electrical system, too, so call for service ASAP.
  • Electricity Imbalance: When your breaker is sending either too much or too little electricity to your outlets, this can generate a low electrical hum. Unfortunately, unlike with your wiring, a routine repair is probably not going to do the trick to fix this problem. Instead, you will probably have to replace your breaker entirely. Remember, your breaker sends power throughout your house, so this is not a service that should wait.
  • Poor Outlet Installation: if your outlets were not installed correctly, the buzz they are generating could be due to a polarity problem. Polarity, or to put it more simply, the charge coming to your outlet, can sometimes be reversed or tampered with during DIY or amateur outlet installations. If you believe this is the case in your home, call an electrician to replace your outlets, and next time around, hire a professional in the first place.

Roby Services Is Here to Keep You Safe

Above all else, it is important to call an electrician at the first sign of trouble to keep yourself and your family safe. Although that buzzing noise may only be a small annoyance, it can be a sign of issues that may lead to electrical fires, electrocution, and other potentially lethal scenarios. Luckily, Roby Services is available 24/7 to get the job done for you. Troubleshooting on your own is not an option when it comes to safe electrical work, so call today for a range of electrical services from our experienced professionals

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