Spring HVAC Maintenance

5 Ways to Prepare for Spring HVAC Maintenance

We may be in the dead of winter right now, but spring is just around the corner. With the change of the seasons comes changes to your heating and cooling needs, and at Roby Services, we believe it’s never too soon to get your air conditioner or heater ready. Keep reading for our top 5 ways to prepare for spring HVAC maintenance, and make sure to contact our HVAC pros for all your AC and heating repairs and replacements.

The Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Spring HVAC Maintenance:

  1. Check to see if your indoor evaporator coil is dirty. If it is, your AC unit or heat pump will not be able to function properly when the warmer weather sets in, and may even increase your energy costs by upwards of 30%. While you can purchase coil cleaner to try to take care of this problem on your own, we suggest hiring a skilled HVAC technician to clean the coil for you.
  2. Inspect your furnace or HVAC system blower. If it is dirty, this component may also need to be cleaned. You should also call a technician if you notice problems with the blower or believe it is malfunctioning in any way, as your heater/air conditioner cannot function without a blower. It is especially important to do this before the seasons change, when you will be adjusting your HVAC needs based on the temperature outside.
  3. Make sure your electrical connections are working. The last thing you want is for your heating and cooling systems to fail because something is not hooked up correctly. For more serious electrical and wiring issues, contact an experienced HVAC technician or electrician.
  4. See if your AC has enough refrigerant. If the outdoor unit’s levels are suspiciously low, you should call a service professional to check for leaks. However, even if you don’t have a leak on your hands, it is a good idea to check refrigerant levels once a year, just to make sure your AC unit has enough to run on. You can always call an HVAC tech to replenish your refrigerant, however, it is worth noting that with the recent changes in Freon regulations, you may want to upgrade your AC system to one that takes a different kind of coolant.
  5. Examine your compressor and outdoor fan motor. These components also usually need to be cleaned in spring, especially after a long winter. Again, a working compressor and fan motor are essential for successful HVAC operation, so if these parts are having issues, you should call a technician promptly.

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